Shell Oil

“One of our biggest costs doing business is energy consumption, and being a 24/7 operation, we knew LED lighting would be a terrific start. While investigating LED lighting companies, we were able to quickly shortlist three of them. Upon further research and talking with the LED companies, we found that TruSolis had the best product and met all requirements for us.”

Paul J. / Plant Manager

Ravenshoe Group

The world’s longest running LED high bay light installation is at Ravenshoe Group – now running over 50,000 hours with no degradation in light!

“The TruSolis LED high bays not only deliver on clean, bright light but they are “instant on” and deliver big energy savings. The smaller, innovative design makes our warehouse look very high tech. Probably one of the smarter business decisions we’ve made.”

Rick Wigmore / President – Ravenshoe Group


"Over 4 years ago we installed trial units from three different companie. Since then we have re-lamped twice with different high bays from two of the companies. It is crazy but the APOLLP Series LED high bay lights by TruSolis are still working. We will be buying only TruSolis brand lights from here on."

R. Irving / Maintenance Manager