Industrial and Horticulture Product Lines

  • Minimum of 60% Lighting Energy Savings
  • NO Maintenance Expenses for EIGHT Years
  • Minimal Heat Emissions Providing 40%-60% Lower AC Costs
  • Healthy NATURAL Light that Eliminates Eye Strain & Headaches
  • Quiet Running Lights - No Annoying Humming Noise
  • Environmentally Sustainable Design
  • Field SERVICEABLE With 'Plug & Play' Parts
  • 100% Recyclable - 'Cradle to Cradle'
  • Patented Technology in Optics & Thermodynamics
  • Wifi & Bluetooth Capability
  • No Harmful Mercury or LEAD
  • Lightweight For EASY INSTALLATION
  • Eligible for Utility REBATE Incentives
  • 'Pay from Your Savings'
  • Financing Programs:
    • TruSolis EASY LEASE
  • DLC Certified

Superior To All Other Products On The Market Today

TruSolis’ LED products are rugged, built to last, and engineered for optimal performance. In this way, they are superior to all other products on the market today. TruSolis’ first lights produced back in 2009 are still running flawlessly over 10 years later. The client has been realizing a substantial 80% reduction in electrical bills and no expensive maintenance costs. TruSolis’ ruggedly engineered products light the way to energy savings, a cleaner environment, and a better place to work.