TruSolis’ Patented Lens Technology

A variety of LED lamps are on the market already but few meet the full potential of LED technology. Many manufacturers offer inferior products with exaggerated specs and no solid warranties. TruSolis’ patented secondary lens technology takes the unidirectional output of LED chips and disperses it over a wider surface area. In addition to creating a more esthetic lighting profile, this allows for fewer chips to be used and for wider spacing between chips. This in turn reduces the heat density of the lamp.

TRUSOLIS’ Engineered Optical Lens Technology Saves You Money

TRUSOLIS’ patented secondary lens technology saves you money by increasing the lifespan of the light fixture while also reducing the amount of power required to illuminate an area. Longer life span and reduced energy consumption = money in your pocket.

Longer lasting and better light using less power

Engineered Optical Lens Technology

TRUSOLIS’ Patented Secondary Lens Technology

Our engineered optical solution allows for a strong overlap of light. The result, a much more even light with each fixture getting assistance from the neighbouring fixture. Our uniform light distribution illuminates an area more fully and yet requires less power to do so.

Patented Secondary Lens Technology

TruSolis’ Patented Smart Cooling Technology

An LED lamp or bulb consists of several LED chips mounted on to a printed circuit board which are mounted to a heat sync. This heat sync is ultimately what determines the reliability and the life time of the LEDs since it is heat that degrades chips and reduces life times. TruSolis’ heat syncs are carefully engineered for maximum cooling. In addition, TruSolis’ electronic current control technology (PWM) manages to get the same light output of an LED with only 70% of the current. Less current means less heat. For every ten degrees the operating temperature is reduced and life time doubles. By combining the industry’s largest and most effective heat syncs, its wide-angle lens, and electronic current control technologies, TruSolis’ has engineered lighting products that operate at as much as forty degrees cooler than their maximum rated temperatures. This translates into longer life times.

TRUSOLIS’ “Smart Cooling Technology” consists of:

  • Secondary Lens
  • LED Array
  • Aluminum Board
  • Graphite Thermal Coupling
  • Heat Sink Design
  • Extrusion not Cast
  • Coating
  • Surface area for Heat Dissipation
  • PWM

Industrial Lighting

TRUSOLIS’ heat syncs are carefully engineered for maximum cooling. By combining the industry’s largest and most effective heat sinks, its wide angle lens, and electronic current control technologies (PWM), TRUSOLIS has engineered lighting products that have the industry’s best life spans.